Here are some best practices and tips to keep in mind when creating and scheduling Autoresponder emails:


  • Keep the content timeless.
    The date when each reader opens an Autoresponder email will be unique to them. Avoid putting references to dates, holidays, upcoming events, and seasons in text or photos.


  • Don't refer to other specific Autoresponder email or newsletter issues.
    Although it's okay to create your Autoresponder emails as a "series", where the content in each consecutive email may build on and complement one another, do not label Autoresponder emails with issue numbers. You can't assume that each new contact will receive all of your Autoresponder emails, as described in the following example. 


  •  Provide answers to new comers' frequently asked questions.
    Since new contacts are the only ones who will receive Autoresponder emails, keep their interests and questions in mind when planning and creating them. Explain what resources are available on your website and introduce key people in your organization.  Also tell them about who you are and what they can expect from you.


  • Re-use well regarded articles and information.
    Use Autoresponder emails as an opportunity to share information with your new contacts that your existing subscribers have already seen. Sharing tips and how-tos is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise, build new contacts' trust, and keep their interest.


  • Create a reason for new contacts to engage 
    Include links to your website, provide a new member special coupon or promotion code, etc. Keep in mind that these coupons, however, should not have expiration dates.


  • Collect feedback and information from new comers
      You may want to ask new contacts where they first heard about your organization, why they are interested in you, whether they have participated in, or used, similar organizations and services before, etc.. 


  • Collect information about new contacts.
    Collecting personal information about your contacts allows you to segment your lists and send them more targeted information.  If you ask contacts to provide personal information on your Join My Mailing List Form they may be hesitant to give it to you because you have not earned their trust yet.  After they have received several of your standard emails and a few of your Autoresponder emails, however, they may be more willing to provide you with their information. As a result, you may want to use an Autoresponder email that is scheduled to be sent to new contacts several months after sign up to ask them for more information.



Whats your Autoresponder strategy? Talk to your project manager today for more information.