This issue does occur from time to time (10-20mins) and should be considered a normal part of everyday connectivity, as when you use an email program to connect to your mailbox (Email account), you are having to use a third party (your ISP) to make the connection to your mail server. There are many factors outside of our control that play a part in providing seamless connectivity for email services.

If you continue to receive an error sending emails please; 

1. Check that you can log on to your webmail? (type your into your web browser address bar)

2. IF you can log into your webmail mailbox then the issue is more than likely temporary, give it 30 minutes to see if it corrects itself. IF it does not and you have NOT made changes to mail server settings, please log a ticket with our support area via our website:

3. IF you CANNOT log onto webmail, please check that your website is accessible. goto:

4. IF only YOU cannot access your website, Please follow our firewall article for troubleshooting 


Support, we provide free support via email OR priority support for a minium fee. If you require priority support to solve your issue as quickly as possible simply call our Support line: 1300 859 805 alternatively submit a ticket to our support desk using a functional email address.