You can setup your mailbox using the details below;

(You would have been supplied your mailbox user name and password - please use these in place below)

Mailbox Username:
Mailbox Password: ########

Please log into webmail and reset your password. Login via:


Incoming Mail Server (pop3): Port: Default

If you wish to use an imap account, select imap instead of pop3. *IMPORTANT* please check with your project manager before choosing imap, you will be required to upgrade your account

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (server requires authentication) Port: 26

Only use Port: 25 when using your internet service providers (ISP) Network. eg

Also note; Due to the battle against spam some ISP's may require different settings. Below are a list of other settings to try;

Ports: smtp ports 25, 26 or 8025, or smtp over SSL port 465 or 8026
Then set 'YES' to 'My SMTP server requires authentication'

Avoid using SSL where possible

Always set your email program to delete the mail from server at least weekly! otherwise your mailbox will increase in size and eventually use up all your allocated mailbox storage quota.  

Always set your email client to send and receive automatically every 10mins. This goes along way to reducing potential issues. 


Please refer to your email program documentation on steps for setting up your email account as setting can differ

Here is a helpful article for adding an email to your iphone, ipad or touch. 

Please note: 90% of email problems/issues clients encounter are not a result of our "network" but a result of "local" issues, meaning issues with email programs and the internet connection you use to connect to our services. While we strive to provide a trouble free service for all clients,  local issues are generally outside of our free support agreement and therefore may incur a support fee, as we are dealing with third party provider's services and/or software which are beyond our control. We will always advise you of any support fees prior to undertaking any work of this kind.

Support, we provide free support via email OR priority support for a minimum fee. If you require priority support to solve your issue as quickly as possible simply call our Support line: 1300 859 805 alternatively submit a ticket to our support desk using a functional email address.