Your quota covers; all data storage on the server for; website, databases, email, other.

As a business evolves/grows so too does the requirements online. Add more content to a website through a content management system this will increase your website and database storage. Email can me managed differently, however an incorrect setting in an email program can cause storage issues.

All of which will effect your total storage capacity over time, a point will come when you need to do some house cleaning OR simply upgrade your account to the next hosting package, with a storage quota that suits your needs.

Either way your account should be reviewed by a webmaster and recommendation made on how to move forward. 

Please submit a support ticket we will;

  1. Review your account 
  2. Provide a report including recommendations

Webmaster minimum charge apply; $45.00+GST *Other charges may apply if we are required to train you/fix email related issues.